I Will Give You Pastors After My Own Heart. "Saith the Lord"

Bishop Winfred B. Hamlet, was called of God to be a servant of God and a  minister of the Gospel of  our Lord and savior Jesus Christ in 1978. Brother Hamlet as known at that time  accepted this godly calling and was ordained an Elder of the church in the city of Baltimore, Maryland at the National Holy Convocation in 1990, working and serving  in fellowship with the Pentecostal Followers of Jesus Christ International Ministries.  He was appointed District Overseer, over the New England District Council, and the London, England District Council. Six years later, he was consecrated to the office of the bishopric by the honorable Bishop William H. Martin, presiding chairmen of the Pentecostal Followers of Jesus Christ International Ministries. Bishop Hamlet has served faithfully in many offices within the local and international assemblies.  From Board of Trustees, Deacon, Sunday School Teacher, Transportation driver or whatever his hands found to do.

Bishop Hamlet is a man of few words with a quite demeanor, a humble honorable servant of  God as called by many. It's easy to see how much he loves his beautiful wife Linda,
his son in-law, Daniel, his children, Roeshell and Ruth and his  four grandsons, Joshua, Joseph, Jeremiah and James. It is also easy to experience and see how much he loves the Lord and the people of God. Bishop Hamlet also serves on staff at St Francis Hospital and Medical Center where he has been committed to Pulmonary Functions for the past forty years. Along with his other duties, he is the pastor of Gospel Lighthouse Apostolic Church, Inc., located in the heart and city Hartford, State of Connecticut. 

In 2011 after having served as the Vice Chairmen of the Pentecostal Followers of Jesus Christ International Ministries for over ten years, and after the death of their chairmen (Bishop John T Reid) Bishop Hamlet was chosen by God and the Board of Bishops and Trustees to become the newly appointed Presiding Bishop of this growing body of believers and  for this the general board and members give God Praise. Pentecostal Followers of Jesus Christ International Ministries is headquartered in the City of Baltimore, Maryland, with local assemblies throughout the United States, and London England. 

To God Be The Glory, For The Great Things He Has Done.

 Bishp Winfred B. Hamlet, Senior Pastor