About Us

It is with pleasure that we take this opportunity to introduce you to the ministries of the Gospel Lighthouse Apostolic Church, Inc.(GLAC). Along with other Churches affiliated within the Pentecostal Followers of Jesus Christ, INT. We share the task of presenting the gospel of Christ to the loss, wayfarers and converted members of society.  It has been our God given responsibilities as members of the body of Christ to seriously pledge our continuing efforts in sharing the teaching of the Bible at home, in our community and throughout the world.

Our Church is presently located in the heart of the city of Hartford, Connecticut. Founded in 1967 in the home of its late  pastor and founder, Bishop Ray Hamlet Sr., and his wife Missionary Mary L Hamlet . From it's humble beginning  to it's present location 2003 Main Street, Gospel Lighthouse has always been a pillar within the community, offering clear inspired teaching for all ages. Our ministry includes outreach opportunities for youth, evangelism training, and specialized programs for our women's and men's ministry. We take the initiative to train our young adults for current leadership roles while involving the task of building strong Christian lives in the community and the home.  We invite you to consider the ministries we offer while experiencing the love of God in a rich friendly  exciting atmosphere.
Our Current Pastor, Bishop Winfred B Hamlet:
A godly humble man walking in the light of God's word. Bishop Winfred Hamlet was called to the ministry  in 1972. From the role of Deacon, Elder, District Elder, Overseer  and now Bishop, he has proven to be faithful in every area of God's calling. Bishop Hamlet holds a special lover for the people of God and has always gone out of his way to be of service to all. Bishop Hamlet is also the  current Vice Chairman of the Pentecostal Followers of Jesus Christ International Ministries.
We are members of the Pentecostal Followers of Jesus Christ International Ministries, with headquarters located in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, the hub of our worldwide ministries. With churches located throughout the United States, London, England, and Philippines. The members of  PFJCIM continues to grow as it endeavors to increase and spread the word of God in a clear, honorable, holy fashion according to the word of God, the good book, the Bible. We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God and is man's only safe and sure way to a sound faith based salvation. We believe every Christian has a responsibility to present the Bible to the world through a Christ-centered life, and our ministries are founded on this principle and the inspired word of God. Our worship is evangelistic, Bible-centered and distinctly Apostolic.
Join us, your life will never be the same. Christ will fill your every void while planting your feet on solid ground.
> Church School > 9:30am (All Ages)
>Morning Worship> 11:30am

Prayer 7:00pm

> Bible Study> 7:30pm
You will be received with opened arms and the love of Christ.
                    (860) 525-9093