Evangelist Linda Hamlet. Who is She: A Godly Women; Called to Worship; Chosen To Serve; Anointed To Praise..... Get outside the wall, Spread the Gospel. Remember this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. This is the true joy in life, being used of God to help others come to Christ for the purpose of sharing, winning and devoting one's life for total service and praise to God.
                                                                OUR PASTOR, Bishop Winfred Hamlet
A Man after GOD's Heart


The Mission:
To turn the hearts of men and women to Christ; To effectively challenge individuals to seek God for a positive change in their lives while maintaining a godly lifestyle and showing love to a dying world; To inspire and motive the youth/young adults of the day to seek God first, when reaching to obtain any given goal; To promote church growth and encourage committed participation in each assembly; To challenge the human race to prepare to meet their God who will return at an hour that they think not.
The VISION: To Create a Praise/Worship free environment within the local and international church world that would encourage interest in others in being a child of Christ; To provide educational seminars and workshops for the up building of God's kingdom; To provide a workable understanding of the work of the ministry in the church of today; To be Caught away with JESUS at his return. To hear him say well done good and faithful servant.
Foreign Mission
The purpose of the International Ministry is to provide foreign mission, growth and opportunities for Pentecostal
Followers of Jesus Christ, International Ministries and it's partner churches in London, Philippines, Jamaica and other countries throughout the world.

The Partnership's focus is building relationships that will strengthen the Gospel of our
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Among the many hopes and aspirations we have for this partnership are:
  • The desire of our organization to grow with others in spirit, gifts, knowledge and in stewardship;
  • To hear and respond to the  joys, fears, needs, hopes, and dreams of others;
  • To celebrate our differences and our opportunities, while creating and embracing a spiritual environment which will help serve the world's communities at large;
  • To work closely together with others on projects that minister to out reach, while establishing a presence for the sole purpose of helping,healing and sharing Christ with
  • a dying world.

    What We Do Through the efforts of our  local and international ministers we seek to form strong Partnerships that will explore ways to develop a spiritual and physical growth for people of all walks of life throughout the world.
  • Repairing and building new walls within the existence churches as well as establishing new facilities.
  • Building of new schools and school wings in Davao Philippines (Christian School).
  • Sponsorship of a child;
  • Development of computer training centers.
  • Sponsorship of health-awareness events.

    Who We Are
    A body of baptized believers spreading the word and love of Jesus,
  • while seeking to help provide the needs of the less fortunate
  • through means of education,financial support and leadership.

  • Questions?
    For information on supporting the International Ministry, contact: International Evangelist L D Hamlet at (860) 995=9045, www.Evangldh@aol.com 
                                             Teach and Preach the Word of God. Above all live it.